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Benefits of Natural Anti-Ageing Cream Made from Plant-Based Products

When it comes to handling some of the most common skincare problems, “nature knows best”. That’s why there’s been quite a surge in demand for plant-based products, in addition to a desire to go cruelty-free and help connect to and protect the natural world. 

In fact, plant-based skin care products like Plant Science are more sustainable than traditional beauty products because of their sourcing and manufacturing. 

Whether you are searching for an effective plant-based face cream that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth or a hydrating face wash full of potent vitamins and plant ingredients that can help minimize the appearance of large pores, you also want to feel good about the products you are using. This is exactly what we strive for in all our formulations at Plant Science: botanical and plant-based products that not only help you feel good about your skin but are planet nourishing as well. 

Why Choose Plant-Based Skin-Care?

A single plant can contain dozens of different phytonutrients. This means you get an array of nutrient benefits in whole plant skincare rather than the handful of isolated chemicals from synthetic ingredients 

Just as a phytonutrient-rich diet makes your body feel healthy, phytonutrients in cosmetics deliver healthy-looking skin. Phytonutrients lend a calming sensation, diminish the appearance of redness, and provide the appearance of even skin tone. These ingredients also help to improve the appearance of ageing and make skin look rejuvenated and healthy. 

Benefits of Plant-Based Anti-Ageing Cream

  • Loaded with antioxidants: Offers powerful anti-ageing benefits with its antioxidative activities that can reduce free radical damage to the skin.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Some plant-based ingredients exhibit anti-inflammatory properties that can help maintain homeostasis within our skin barrier. A healthy epidermis, or the outermost layer of skin, is especially important for preventing harmful microbes and bacteria from forming and maintaining a balanced pH.
  • Hydrating: Plant-based creams can also create a protective barrier to help our skin cells maintain the water needed for proper function.
  • A holistic approach to skin nutrition: The ingredients are less irritating, with fewer side effects than their synthetic counterparts.
  • Environmentally friendly: Much more sustainable for our environment.
  • Cruelty-free: Plant-based beauty products are not only kinder to you and your skin, but to animals as well.
  • Photoprotective properties that diminish sun damage: Plants have developed a set of sun protective mechanisms that can prevent stress caused by excess exposure to sunlight.
  • Promote collagen production: There are herbs that help with skin tightening that has benefits like increasing collagen production and imparting skin firmness.
  • Improve skin firmness and elasticity: Increasing your collagen production will help repair the loss of skin elasticity and also improve skin firmness which ultimately gives your skin anti-ageing benefits.

Plant extracts used in cosmetics are often considered safe because they come from nature. With more people looking for less toxic products that are just as effective, plant-derived skincare products seem to check all the boxes.

Why Choose the Plant Science Anti-Ageing Cream?

A plant-based natural cream that helps to achieve a youthful and radiant face. This is a therapeutic and hydrating formulation that spreads and absorbs easily into the skin. Increases new cell generation and signs of ageing - This powerful combination helps generate new cells, and increases collagen production, making your skin look younger, more youthful, and radiant.

The Plant Science Anti-Ageing Cream is the best choice for youthful skin. Here's why.

  • Prevents signs of ageing

This plant-based anti ageing cream helps fight against signs of ageing such as wrinkles and skin laxity by inhibiting the degradation of hyaluronidase and collagenase enzymes improving the overall condition of the skin, and ensuring your skin looks youthful and radiant.

  • Keeps skin young and radiant

The plant extracts in this formulation make it a safe anti ageing cream that helps in increasing collagen production making your skin look younger. Bioflavonoids complex present in Amla reduces the capillary resistance hence maintaining the integrity of the skin.

  • Formulated with active plant metabolites

Formulated with bioactive flavonoid complexes and active secondary metabolites derived from amla and ashwagandha. Amla and ashwagandha contain soluble fibres and saponins that cleanse the skin and also assist in regeneration.

  • Antimicrobial activity

Lauric acid and monolaurin present in coconut milk exhibit antimicrobial activity. This acts against harmful bacteria like staphylococcus and lactobacillus which are found to fasten the ageing process

Bottom Line

If you, like many of us, want to prevent the visible signs of ageing, one way to work toward this goal is to update your skincare routine with plant-derived skincare products.

Products that are closer to nature not only have a positive effect on your body but on the environment as well. If you wish to adopt a conscious approach to skincare, you should take the time to truly invest in yourself and your skin with the natural benefits of plant-based skincare products by Plant Science