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Can Climatic Conditions Alter Chocolate Flavor in Cocoa?

The chocolate market is ever-growing. High-end manufacturers are trying to stick to refined taste and high quality. However, are you aware of the reason behind the change in taste? Firstly, the three main ingredients of chocolate are cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and sugar. The butter and power are extracted from the beans of Theobroma cacao L or cocoa tree. Cocoa butter is the fat present in the beans. It has unique fatty acids, resulting in a unique texture and taste.

Does the weather have any effect?

Well, the weather affects the cocoa plant, and the variable is subtle. It is the reason, which is why the sweet spot is difficult to identify. It influences how the tree grows, and during the dry season, when the temperature is warmer and the moisture of the soil drops, the fat decreases while the antioxidant content increases. It is one of the reasons why you will find a variation in the flavor.

How are cocoa trees cultivated?

#Cocoa beans are cultivated across the humid tropics under several environmental conditions. The production system and season have a significant influence on the trees. Two techniques used in the plantation process are monocultural and agroforestry. In agroforestry, the cocoa trees are surrounded by other trees, providing shade, enhancing the soil and decreasing the temperature.

In monoculture, the number of cocoa trees is maximized. In both conditions, the weather has a significant role to play, and there is a difference in chemical composition. The researchers claim that a decrease in moisture content and an increase in temperature affect the phenols and other compounds, contributing to a change in the chocolate flavour.

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Analysis of the result

Some people have concluded that stressed cocoa plants can produce good chocolate. However, researchers claim they have to run trials for at least 20 years to accept the fact. Many studies have concluded that climate change has affected not just the yield but also the taste.

What do you think will happen over time? Would the taste change completely over time?

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