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The Battle of Enfarinats

We have celebrated Holi and also might have heard of the Tomatina festival of Spain but have you heard of people throwing wheat flour, eggs at each other all in good sport? Well, then you go to visit the town of Ibi in Spain. During this crazy festival which is being celebrated for over 200 years, people of Ibi dress up in a military uniform and throw firecrackers, flour, eggs, and fire extinguishers at each other.

You heard it right. In a strange tradition the town of Ibi, Spain, celebrates the festival of Els Enfarinats on December 28th with a mock battle taking place outside the town hall. All the participants attack each other with eggs, flour, firecrackers, fire extinguishers, and more. The annual battle involves a group of married men called “Els Enfarinats,” who stage a coup, taking over the town, declaring and enforcing ridiculous new laws—and “La Oposicio,” another group who try to restore order. In this friendly fight that entails a lot of washing, later on, people revel in flour, fluids, and a lot of other materials which result in caked beards, sticky hair, and clothes. An interesting fact about this festival is that all the money collected from this festival is donated to a charity.

While many conflicting stories exist about the beginning of this festival, no one seems to know the exact story. Because of the nature of this festival and the amazing photographic opportunity it provides along with good food, many people are throng to be a part of this revelry. Would you like to visit here next year? Then plan for the last week of December and get ready to be caked. Well, you might have a really great shiny skin after the fun!

This post is a part of our #CrazyFestivals series, where we feature some strange yet interesting festivals from across the world.


Pic credit: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez