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The Green in our logo

When you see a sprouting Plant boldly break open the soil barrier and grow majestically from a small seed to its full size, you are given a glimpse of what nature has in store. The magic of a seemingly simple process but so much to learn.  Though human being have been exploring the tenets of nature from many millennia, we might have just managed to scrape the bare minimum. There is so much more to do. For ages our forefathers in India have believed in the healing properties of plants and we have very prominent Sciences in this field.

At Atrimed, Plant Science cares for human life more than anything else and thus all our medicines come from Plants. The Green in our logo stands for Growth and Fertility, indicates the fertile minds and environment of the Company which is conducive for the growth and encourage to innovate.

With the emphasis of Green in our logo, we believe in harnessing the immense potential nature gives us with her plants having healing powers just like Atrimed’ s  medicines. Green is refreshing for human eyes just like our attitude towards cure for human ailments#PlantScience #Atrimed ##HealingPowerofPlants #AncientWisdom #HealingwithPlants